Hello blog: photography is for Instagram

For a few months I quit being interested in photography. It seemed pointless.

Now I realize what the problem was. People are doing photography the wrong way. They have an old fashioned view of photography, involving making huge prints and hanging them on your wall. Sorry, that’s the photography of the past. Today, photography is all about Instagram.

The technical rules for Instagram are simple:

1. The square (1:1) aspect ratio it the best ratio to use for Instagram. The only ratio that makes sense. Forget about rectangular photos.
2. You don’t need a sharp lens, because the maximum size that Instagram will save a photo is 1080 pixels, and most of the time the image is only displayed at 640 pixels. Even the softest lens ever tested, the Olympus 15mm bodycap lens, is sharp enough for Instagram! The kit lens is fine.

The rules for subject matter:

Instagram is not very intellectual. If a museum curator at MoMA likes your photos, they will probably NOT do well on Instagram.