Bokeh (2017) the movie

I watched the movie Bokeh, but it has nothing to do with photography. Except that the guy in the movie uses an old Rolleiflex TLR to take vacation pictures in Iceland instead of a digital camera like normal tourists. I guess he’s supposed to be some kind of hipster.

The main subject of the movie is what happens when everyone in the world disappears, except for you and your beautiful blonde girlfriend, while you’re on vacation in Iceland.

But not that much actually happens. The lights never even go out, because Icelandic electrical engineering is so awesome that the power plants keep running even though there are no people around to work in them. If they had been in New York City, I am sure that the power would have stopped running in short order, and then hordes of huge rats would emerge from the subways making the streets unsafe. So I think they were pretty lucky to be in Iceland when this phenomenon happened.

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