How did I become interested in photography?

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to give away a hint of my age with this post. When I was young, I took some photos with my father’s SLR camera, but I personally never owned a camera at all for many years. After I took a class in oil painting and was having problems with my still life paintings because I suck at drawing, I had this idea that I could take a photograph of a still life setup, and then be able to more accurately draw it from the photograph. So I bought a cheap 35mm point and shoot camera. I had to deal with the problem of the roll of film having 24 photos. After I took a few pictures of my still life set up, what to do with the remaining 20 pictures? So I took some pictures of stuff, landscape scenes at a nearby park. All of the pictures sucked.

Then I decided, maybe if I had a better camera, the pictures would come out better. I bought a refurbished Minolta x370s with a 50mm f/1.7 prime lens for only $150 at a camera store in a local outlet mall. Another roll of print film, developed at Best Buy, and 24 more crappy photos. That was almost the end of my use of film photography.

At that time, digital cameras were first making their way into the market, and the first digital camera I bought was a Sony Mavica, which took 3.5” disks. The pictures were only 1024 pixels wide or something like that. Real pathetic compared to modern digital cameras, but at the time, it was totally amazing to be able to take a picture and then immediately see it on your computer screen. I got hooked on the technology aspects of photography. I had no creative vision, nothing I really wanted to take pictures of, but the technology behind digital photography was just so freaking amazing, I had to buy a better camera! And thus I was led down the road of gear acquisition hell. I should have just stuck with my painting, although my early paintings sucked as bad as my early photography.

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