Nikon in the New York Times!

Nikon is not in the New York Times for a good reason. The complaint is that of 32 photographers from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (but NOT Europe or the Americas) enlisted by Nikon to test and then promote the D850, all were men, and there were no women included.

Nikon is now, officially, a misogynist company. Shame on them! People should dump their Nikons and switch to other brands which better value the contributions of female photographers.

One thought on “Nikon in the New York Times!

  1. I think it’s best to hear it from Nikon too, as there are always two sides to every story. I don’t think that anyone was “owed” a chance to shoot with, and promote any Nikon Camera. I believe that was Nikon’s choice! The on-line discussions that took place here, each included one woman. The Nikon discussion included Dixie Dixon, a Nikon ambassador, and the B&H discussion included the youtube photographer Snapchick, but she admitted it was too heavy with the Grip, and she seemed very uncomfortable with the camera. Also, it seemed like this was her first viewing of the camera, because she didn’t seem to know much about it. (To me, if you know one Nikon, you know them all, but it should’ve been more fair to her). I wondered why they even chose her, if she hadn’t had a chance to use the camera beforehand. I think she has used a D810, but she admitted that she often uses other brands as well and that can make things a bit confusing to many people.

    Anyhow, I don’t think there were many viewers for either discussion. It’s just another camera, and I’m not intrigued enough to Pre-Order one, as the D810 and D700 that I use, Fulfill my Full Frame needs. (Yes, I still use a D700 as well, it has Nikon’s own 12.1MP Sensor). For my DX needs, the D7100 is also quite sufficient. There were very few Pre-Production D850’s to go around, and other than the Nikon Ambassadors, I don’t know how they were chosen. (Tamara Lackey is also a Nikon Ambassador). Some manufacturers seem to think that we should all trade up, for the few new features that each new camera has, but I doubt any of the many new cameras will change our images.
    (That is, our Photographic images, as in Pictures, not reputations!) … JP

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