Comments about how Leicas are made

This article about how Leica M10s are made is more interesting for the comments than the actual article.

eric writes:

Simply beautiful. Every Leica is a handcrafted masterpiece. As a camera should be.

brian_x replies:

Why though? Hand-assembled hardware doesn’t improve the picture quality in any meaningful way. All it does is jack up the price because economies of scale disappear.

eric replies back:

If you ever shot with an M and learned to appreciate the rangefinder experience you would answer your own question.

brian_x replies back:

You sound like the reason I wouldn’t want to get into making overpriced tchotchkes for the filthy rich.

4 thoughts on “Comments about how Leicas are made

  1. All cameras are hand assembled. Do you think they have Robotic Arms, like they use to assemble cars? Pneumatic tools are used, and they are set to exact tolerances (torque) for each task, and they hang or are mounted just where they are needed, but People assemble Cameras! … JP


  2. Today I saw a Robotic Arm that was tried out at a McDonalds type fast food restaurant, and this arm was flipping the Hamburgers (perfectly!) the timing was exact, and the burgers were fully cooked, and assembled better than the people have been doing. I could see, this would easily eliminate many jobs, and we wouldn’t be annoyed when our Big Macs don’t look like the pictures they use in their advertisements. Yes, the reality is, this is the future, and it’s closer than we thought. Hopefully those employees will see the writing on the wall, and they will train for a more skilled position. I really hope so! … JP

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