Olympus E-M10 Mark III review at dpreview.com

The renowned dpreview.com released their review of the new Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera.

Unlike at online forums where people are outraged that Olympus removed features from the camera in what’s apparently a move to dumb it down so as not to cannibalize sales of higher-priced cameras, the dpreview.com review is quite blasé about it.

However, the company has also gone on an aggressive prune of the Custom menu, meaning the E-M10 Mark III only has 43 options in the Setup menu, rather than the Mark II’s rather daunting 99.

I’d be way too worried that one of the 56 missing items happens to be something I actually use to ever commit to buying that camera. Unfortunately, Olympus has not released the instruction manual for the camera, so, at the moment, there’s no way for me to find out what’s missing. Too bad that I don’t get free cameras to test like bigshot photography websites.

Actually, I do know that RC flash control has been removed, and that’s something I experimented with in the past, and is something that I’d want to have if I ever got serious about portrait photography, so there’s at least one definite reason not to buy this camera.

My recommendation is that if you want the least expensive Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera, buy the old E-M10 Mark II model before it’s sold out.

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