NY Times op-ed says Ansel Adams was racist

In NY Times op-ed by Daniel Duane:

I agree with the photographer Ansel Adams that “on entering the Ahwahnee [Hotel], one is conscious of calm and complete beauty echoing the mood of majesty and peace that is the essential quality of Yosemite.” But I also think there is something inescapably sick about a hotel on the site of a torched town copping a little mysto-Indian vibe from the word used by the arsonists’ victims for the valley they called home, and deliberately designed with a pan-Indian motif meant to conjure white fantasy while avoiding reference to any particular Native people.

Adams felt nothing of the sort. A man whose photographs defined Yosemite in the national imagination and yet rarely included Yosemite Indians, Adams wrote of the Ahwahnee that “the Indian motif is supreme,” adding, “The designs are stylized with tasteful sophistication; decidedly Indian, yet decidedly more than Indian, they epitomize the involved and intricate symbolism of primitive man.”

Mr. Duane doesn’t even mention the cultural appropriation of a white man becoming famous for taking photos of lands that rightfully belonged to indigenous Americans.

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