Hyperfocal distance is bogus


I’m not sure I follow 100% everything in the article, but I know for a fact that hyperfocal distance charts are wrong, if you use them, everything at infinity will be unsharp.

Therefore, my advice for landscape photography is to focus on infinity, and use the highest f-stop you can get away with. You only need to focus closer than infinity if there’s something in the foreground that’s especially important to the composition and it’s not sharp if you use the infinity focus method (in that case the “double the distance” method in the article sounds reasonable).

Nikon in the New York Times!

Nikon is not in the New York Times for a good reason. The complaint is that of 32 photographers from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (but NOT Europe or the Americas) enlisted by Nikon to test and then promote the D850, all were men, and there were no women included.

Nikon is now, officially, a misogynist company. Shame on them! People should dump their Nikons and switch to other brands which better value the contributions of female photographers.

Comments about how Leicas are made

This article about how Leica M10s are made is more interesting for the comments than the actual article.

eric writes:

Simply beautiful. Every Leica is a handcrafted masterpiece. As a camera should be.

brian_x replies:

Why though? Hand-assembled hardware doesn’t improve the picture quality in any meaningful way. All it does is jack up the price because economies of scale disappear.

eric replies back:

If you ever shot with an M and learned to appreciate the rangefinder experience you would answer your own question.

brian_x replies back:

You sound like the reason I wouldn’t want to get into making overpriced tchotchkes for the filthy rich.

Are eggs the secret to photography?

Successful photography blogger Eric Kim writes, “when I get home in the evening I will cook myself an ‘egg snack’ of 8-10 eggs to satisfy my hunger.”

That sounds like a pretty weird dinner. But then I read manly blogger Brett’s advice on increasing testosterone. He says that the secret is to eat lots of cholesterol, and he eats three eggs and bacon for breakfast every day.

So maybe the trick here is that Eric Kim has increased his testosterone by eating so many eggs, and the extra “T” makes him a more aggressive photographer and blogger.

I think that I’m going to have to eat more eggs in order to improve my photography.

An unanswered question: does this testosterone-boosting effect of cholesterol work on women?

Leica gallery in Los Angeles


That sounds like a pretty interesting exhibit. Too bad I don’t live in Los Angeles.

And the Leica store and gallery in Los Angeles looks way more awesome than the sad little space in Soho that the Leica store in New York City occupies.

Why is there no Canon or Nikon gallery? Obviously, the message from Leica is that Canon and Nikon are fine for shooting pictures of your cat, or for doing “senior portraits,” but to do real art you need to buy a Leica.