I saw a photo with fringing

On another blog (no link because I don’t want another blogger to be pissed at me for dissing their photography) I saw a photo with fringing. It was lateral CA fringing, blue on one side and orange on the other side.

I seldom see that sort of fringing in my own photos because Adobe Camera Raw automatically corrects it (if you’ve checked the box). This is yet another reason to shoot RAW and not JPEG.

There’s a meme which sometimes appears on photography forums, that you don’t need good gear if you are just posting photos on the internet, because the small size of web-sized photos will make any flaws in the photo undetectable. Well that was not the case here. The photo was less than 700 pixels wide, but that CA fringe was in my face.

People say you shouldn’t pixel peep (and I agree, in theory), but is it pixel peeping if I could see the problem in a small web-sized photo, even though I wasn’t trying to find any flaws?

One may ask, did it matter? Did it make the photo unworthy? I think, in this case, the answer is yes. The photo was posted primarily for the purpose of showing off. “Look at my awesome photography!” But it wasn’t so awesome with that ugly fringe.

* * *

Reminder: Just because a photo is free of fringing and other technical imperfections doesn’t mean it’s a good photo.

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