Pen-F, why now?

Besides having a G.A.S. attack, why did I buy a Pen-f now? The Pen-F has been out for a year and a half. So this is not the most opportune time in the product lifecycle to buy a one. I should have bought it a year ago so I could have had the latest and greatest for that much longer before it goes obsolete. (Well maybe obsolete is too strong of a word, but you get the idea.)

When the Pen-F did come out, I was unemployed, so it was a bad time for me to be spending money on gear I didn’t need. And I was also going through a phase where I wasn’t into photography. So in the winter of 2016, buying a new camera wasn’t in the cards for me.

But now I am taking more pictures, and I’ve been working for a few months so I can justify the purchase based on rewarding myself for going to such a boring and meaningless job five days a week, at least eight hours a day.

I don’t foresee there being a Pen-F Mark II for another year. It took Olympus two years and eight months between the Pen E-P5 and the Pen-F. Based on that timetable, maybe Olympus will announce a Pen-F Mark II next August.

And then there’s the Olympus August sale. If you buy a Pen-F, you can get $300 off on up to two prime lenses. So I bought a 12mm f/2.0 and a 25mm f/1.8 lens with the camera, for $500 and $100 respectively. I didn’t especially need the 25mm because I already have the 25mm f/1.4, but hey, for only $100 it’s probably worth buying.

* * *

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