Pen-F G.A.S. attack

I bought a new Olympus Pen-F camera, and I’m going to be writing about it a lot in the coming days.

This is not a camera that I in any way needed. I’ve never taken a photo worthy of the gear I already have, so I certainly didn’t need to buy better gear. Pictures of the streets of New York City are fine for an ironic Instagram feed, but they are not great art or anything like that. There are zillions of people taking the same pictures.

Nope, my purchase is purely a case of G.A.S., that’s gear acquisition syndrome, a disease which plagues amateur photographers and makes them long to buy gear they don’t need. In my case, I’m a pixel peeper (another bad form of photographic behavior that you should avoid if you can), and it filled me with great sadness every time I took a picture with my Olympus E-P5 knowing that there’s a camera out there with slightly more pixels and slightly greater dynamic range that I could have been using instead.

I have a job that pays more than a hundred thousand dollars a year, and I already have a few hundred thousand in assets, and I don’t have any children that I need to send to college, so in my case I can afford the purchase and not do much harm to my future retirement. But one of the problems with photography websites is that people who really can’t afford to buy more gear read reviews proclaiming how awesome the new gear is, and then they get G.A.S., and then they buy gear with money that they should have used to pay off their student loans or pay for their own children’s education.

Also, in theory, I disprove of the modern materialistic lifestyle in which people toil away most of their lives for greedy corporations, and then spend all their meager salaries on unnecessary acquisitions and expensive vacations.

* * *

The photo above was taken today, one of the first pictures I took with my new Pen-F and the new M.Zuiko 12mm F/2.0 lens that I bought with the camera.

The red banner on the left side is above the entrance to the Aperture Gallery. That’s a place where you can see real photography by photographers who are doing real art and not just taking meaningless pictures of the streets of Manhattan. (And free admission! The best bargain in Manhattan.)

* * *

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