Are more megapixels better?

Despite that fact that some contrarians on the internet argue that more megapixels are actually worse because they make the photographs noisier, the camera company marketing departments certainly believe that more megapixels are better. That’s why they put the highest megapixel sensors in their most expensive cameras, because they think that consumers will pay more money for more megapixels.

For example, the 42MP Sony A7 IIR is much more expensive than the 24MP Sony A7 II. The newly released Canon 6D Mark II has fewer megapixels than Canon’s more expensive full-frame cameras.

Some may foolishly believe that higher-megapixel cameras cost more because they are more expensive to manufacture, and although there are probably some cost differences, I suspect that the cost differences are a lot smaller than you think. The bulk of the price difference is simply because camera companies want to make higher profits by giving consumers a reason to buy more expensive cameras. It’s the same reason that Adobe charges a lot more for Photoshop than it does for Photoshop Elements, even though it costs Adobe approximately zero dollars when someone buys either software and downloads it from their website.

* * *

Were you expecting a technical discussion about the image quality differences between different sensors? Sorry, that’s not what this post is about. But I am sure that I will write more about megapixels in the future, so keep reading my blog.

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