The Olympus E-M10 Mark III will only have 16MP?

According to the rumors guy, it’s true.

Being the shameful pixel-peeper that I am, even though it’s wrong to be a pixel-peeper, I was excited about the possibility of a new Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera with 4 MP more resolution the 16MP Olympus camera that I currently use, and maybe getting rid of the anti-aliasing filter, thus being that much better able to appreciate the sharpness of sharp lenses like my recently acquired 12-40mm f/2.8 “PRO” lens.

Of course, this is a case G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome), and you readers at home should not be influenced by this and buy unnecessary gear.

But anyway, I can’t believe that Olympus would give the new camera only a 16MP sensor when Olympus’ previous two released cameras both have 20MP, and with most of the APS-C competition now having 24MP sensors. I get no G.A.S. for a 16MP sensor. This is Olympus saying “don’t be a cheapskate, if you want 20MP, buy a camera that costs at least $1200 like the Pen-F.” Shame on you, Olympus.

3 thoughts on “The Olympus E-M10 Mark III will only have 16MP?

  1. I’ve always admired the Olympus line of Cameras and lenses, and the build quality remains very high. I think they have a close eye on their customers, and maybe they found that many more images are being used on-line, as compared to those that are actually printed. Although I shoot with the Nikon D810, many times I bring it down to the Small Raw (9MP) files. If I’m not planning large Prints, these files are fine. I am sure that’s why many D800 shooters upgraded to the D810. I still use the Panasonic GH3 for Stills and Video, and I admit, for fun too! I would love to upgrade to the GH5 with it’s 20.3MP’s, but mostly for it’s advanced Stabilization system. I guess this is my G.A.S., because I’ve been using their Compact & Bridge cameras for years. The LX100 is a great Compact camera, that I always bring along. I think if I bought a GH5, I’d still keep the GH3 anyhow! Maybe it’s from using 3 brands (Nikon, Fujifilm & Panasonic), but I still find features that seem new to me, and I still have fun shooting with the many models of cameras that I own.

    I started back in the early 70’s, and many of us fell in love with the camera first, and then the pictures. My excuse was, that I had to wait for the Slides or Prints. Over the years, I’ve seen many ideas come and go, many that are not even remembered today. I think it was just a few months ago, I was reading the rumor sites that were talking about a 20MP Mark III, but others complained about button/control placement. Would many Olympus shooters switch brands over this? I doubt it, they are very devoted to their brand. I don’t know any Olympus shooters that have crossed over. Remember, today with the quality of Cell Phone Cameras, we have become the minority. I say, enjoy the Gear that you have. Switch modes often, and experiment. Try to use your camera to it’s full potential. You may be surprised, and proud of the images that you create. Olympus moves a bit slower, but they are careful, and they make very few mistakes. There will always be a newer, better version, and in time you will have one too! … JP


    1. While all that is true (for example, you are right that hardly anyone is going to switch brands all of a sudden), the 16 vs 20MP decision is purely based around not cannibalizing sales of their more expensive cameras. Perhaps an E-M5 Mark III is coming out next, and Olympus needs a reason for people to pay more for it.

      However, megapixels is a way that a lot of less sophisticated (as well as more sophisticated) buyers compare cameras, so I am not sure that Olympus is pursuing the right strategy for the long term.


      1. On the other hand, having a lower priced, entry level camera, with less MP’s does make it possible for newbies, or those buying a second (or third) system, to afford a high quality camera. While I haven’t Printed any Huge prints from the GH3, I am now tempted to give it a try. Just so you know, I’ve accumulated 5 FL360L Flash units, 3 lenses, and several accessories, before I found “The Right” GH3 for sale on eBay. As it turned out, the guy was very trustworthy, he kept his Gear in top shape, and he was much like me. I wish that I had bought all of the Micro 4/3 Gear that he had up for sale ~ but, you never know with ebay. Well, the point was, that other elements factor into our images, and a lens is not something to skimp on. Bodies come and go, but lenses last a lifetime. I still think that we should get the very best lens that is affordable, then, even a used body should be considered. Of course it depends on your subjects. For me, it’s the lens, the lighting, then the camera (or I’d be on line for a D850 by now!)

        Anyone care to put their two cents in? Please, go ahead and join the conversation. Tell us what you think! … JP

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