Japanese love Olympus and sunflowers

Olympus is a brand that’s not that popular with photographers in the United States. So when you visit the #Olympus tag at Instagram, you will notice that the majority of photos are posted by Japanese photographers.

One thing I learned about the Japanese from Instagram is that they love taking pictures of flowers, and in the month of August, their favorite flower is the sunflower. Who knew that sunflowers were so popular in Japan? Here’s an article at English-language Japan Monthly Web Magazine: Sunflower Fields Colors [sic] Summer in Japan. Yes, sunflowers are really big in Japan, no pun intended.

* * *

I’m pretty sure that the eighties song “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors is a reference to the then-stereotype of camera-toting Japanese tourists obsessively taking pictures. I prefer the original song, but the 2009 cover has a much better music video starring Kirsten Dunst.

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