There’s no mode dial on a Leica TL2

Olympus and Panasonic both experimented with cameras without mode dials. There were several Panasonic “GF” models without mode dials, and Olympus made the E-PM1 and E-PM2 without a mode dial.

The lack of a mode dial was unanimously cited in reviews as a bad thing. Because, the reasoning went, not having a mode dial made it harder to change modes. Both Olympus and Panasonic gave up on the idea of making cameras without mode dials. Olympus abandoned its cheap “E-PMx” line, and Panasonic included a mode dial with the GF7 and all subsequent “GF” models.

But now we have Leica selling $2000 “TL” cameras without mode dials, and instead of receiving the same hate as Panasonic and Olympus, Leica is praised for making the camera “simple” and more like an iPhone.

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