Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 “PRO” lens, first impressions

I picked up my lens at B&H Photo. I highly recommend buying on the web and then picking up than actually waiting in line to buy something from a live person. Unless you need their advice for some reason. Picking up a web order was really fast and easy.

The lens comes in a nice black box, which gives off a more “pro” appearance than the silver boxes that my previous Olympus gear came in.

The first thing I noticed inside the box is a baggie to store the lens when it’s not being used. This was a pleasant surprise, because the non “PRO” lenses don’t come with baggies. (Technically, I think it’s called a “soft lens case” and not a baggie.)

The lens itself, well ensconced in cardboard and some cushioning, has a nice “pro” feel to it. Unlike with all of the non “PRO” lenses, this lens actually includes a lens hood. A very practical reversible lens hood that twists and clicks into place and has a button you push when you want to remove it. Some people might complain that, being plastic, it has a less deluxe feeling about it than the lens itself. Given previous Olympus cheapness about lens hoods, I’m happy to get a relatively nice one for free. But because the wide end is pretty wide, the lens hood doesn’t block that much light from hitting the front lens element.

There’s a lens cap that you pinch instead of squeeze to remove, making it more practical when used with a lens hood.

Removing the cap reveals a very large front lens element, way larger than any other Micro Four Thirds lens that I own (but I don’t own any other “PRO” lenses). I’m going to have to buy a protective lens filter to keep that front lens element safe.

I’m looking forward to putting this lens on a camera and seeing what it can do.

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