With Leica comes great responsibility

I learned from watching a Spiderman movie that with great power comes great responsibility. This applies to owning a Leica. Leica is a very powerful brand. (Why else do people pay outrageous sums of money for Leica cameras if not for the power of the brand?)

If you post a mediocre snapshot on the internet and announce that it was taken with a Leica, it’s hard for people to resist making sarcastic comments. So unless you are posting a photo that’s actually worthy of such an expensive camera, you should remove the EXIF data and keep quiet about what gear was used to take the photo. And even if the photo is worthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to name-drop Leica. It may be better to let people notice for themselves that the photo has a “Leica look” without spilling the beans. And this way, you don’t come off as bragging about your gear.

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